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Abigail SpanbergerAfter nearly a decade serving in the CIA, I’m running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District to fight for opportunity, equality, and security for all Americans. My previous service as a law enforcement officer, a CIA officer, and a community volunteer has taught me the value of listening. It is what allows us to better understand difficult issues and find a path forward despite our differences. Central Virginia deserves a representative in Congress who listens and seeks to understand the needs of our community. I will serve as that representative for us.

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2016 and 2018 Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District
“Ms. Spanberger’s experience as a public servant combined with her knowledge and understanding of the changing demographics and diverse interests of a wide-ranging district like the 7th make her the best choice, from any party, for Central Virginians.”
2014 Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District
“She has the background, service record, and momentum to make this race truly competitive and I am happy to put my full support behind her candidacy.”
2017 Democratic candidate for the 56th District of the Virginia House of Delegates
“In a time of extreme uncertainty and volatility, we need people like Abigail who have the experience and knowledge to fight for the policies that will keep us safe.”

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